Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to announce the release of the long-awaited 2021 Russian Valley Pinot Noir. As production is limited, allocations are assigned based on seniority. For further information, please reach out to our team at

Our journey of evolution has led us here – one wine, the ultimate expression of Pinot Noir, crafted from exceptional vineyards in the heart of the Russian River Valley. It has been a long road from the inception of launching Kosta Browne with everything we had, to finally realizing our dream of owning a family winery. Today our forever home proudly stands in the heart of the Russian River Valley, as a testament to 24 years of unwavering dedication, poured into our signature wines, CIRQ & CHEV.

Winery visits are a limited and exclusive experience, available by appointment only. For inquiries and to schedule your visit, kindly email

Refining every step to delicious detail, our wines are expertly crafted, a culmination of heart, determination, and artistry. Enhancing those magic moments in life is what drives us to pause and savor life to the fullest glass. We’re also in no hurry — taking time to love, laugh, enjoy life, and of course, drink great wine.

We look forward to sharing this new release of CIRQ with you.

All our best,
Michael & Sarah Browne

Michael & Sarah Browne Signature